Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine

Out of State Patients

To all of our friends in Alaska and other distant states; we realize that because of geographical issues, and the lack of specialized fertility centers; it is difficult for you to obtain treatment when you experience the devastation of infertility

We remain committed to dealing with the special needs of our patients from Alaska, Montana and Idaho. We offer complimentary phone consultations, and records reviews, to learn if our center can help you achieve your dream of having a child.  Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, Dr. Kustin will gladly work with your OB/GYN or family doctor even in rural areas with limited medical facilities. He does this so that patients in these areas will not be disadvantaged in their quest for parenthood.

We assist in the procurement of specialized medications and serve as a liaison with laboratories and physicians. We also assist with hotel accommodations if treatment is required in Seattle. We often provide travel grants to IVF patients to offset the cost of travel to Seattle.

Please e-mail Dr. Kustin or phone us for more information.















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