Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine

Canadian Patients

We extend a warm welcome to our Canadian neighbors and patients.  We offer “state of the art” fertility services and have treated numerous patients from all over Canada. Many of these patients required IVF with egg donationsex selection for family balancing, and/or surrogacy.

We are constantly recruiting new egg donors of the highest caliber and strive to offer the best matches. We share photographs of the donors and their medical profiles with our prospective recipients. 

Dr. Kustin was born in Australia and trained in the British Commonwealth prior to moving to the United States. He also completed Fellowships in Reproductive Endocrinology at Northwestern University Medical School, in Chicago, and at the Texas Hospital for Women in Houston.  Please see his complete biography to review his training, experience, and qualifications.

Dr. Kustin is very comfortable working with Canadian patients and is familiar with their special needs. He is accustomed to working with the Canadian health care system and serving as a liaison with local family doctors and OB/GYNS. Most infertility treatments can be coordinated via telephone and e-mail requiring only a short visit to our Seattle facility.

We assist in the procurement of specialized fertility medications in Canada and financially support the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC).  We can help with your accommodation needs and often provide grants to help offset travel costs.

We at the Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine are truly committed to our Canadian patients realizing their special needs given the geographical challenges. We also offer complimentary phone consultations with Dr. Kustin.  Please call 465-462-6100 or send Dr. Kustin an e-mail.










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