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Egg Donors

Egg Donors Needed for Seattle Donor Egg Program-Call (425) 462-6100

Egg donors of all ethnicities are always needed. We value our egg donors. Call and we will do everything to make the experience meaningful, comfortable, and convenient.

We constantly recruit donors to insure that our donor pool is large enough to help couples match their physical characteristics to those of the donor.

There are many reasons why a woman may choose to donate her eggs.  Altruism is usually a motivating factor, as these women sincerely want to help other women conceive a child.  Sometimes a donor is “known” and could be a relative or friend or she may be “unknown” being chosen from our donor pool or a commercial agency. Apart from altruism, financial gain is sometimes a motive as donors are compensated for their efforts.

We have an extensive screening process for all egg donors which includes:

  • An extensive questionnaire pertaining to the donor's health, use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, must be completed.
  • The donor's family history for genetic disorders, premature degeneration of organ systems, and early death is assessed.
  • A complete physical examination is performed and tests for sexually transmitted diseases are conducted.
  • Egg donors must undergo a psychological evaluation.
  • Younger donors are encouraged (age 21-33) and those with diminished ovarian reserve are excluded.

If the recipient has specific concerns regarding a particular donor, we will gladly inquire and offer a personal response.

After several interviews, and a thorough understanding of the process, including its complete anonymity, donors sign an informed consent form. If married, the husband must also consent. If you are interested in helping a couple by donating your eggs, please call (425) 462-6100 for further details or contact our donor egg coordinator.






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