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Donor Egg IVF Program

Egg Donor Recipients

Our Bellevue, Seattle  Donor Egg IVF program provides a successful means for women to conceive if they cannot use their own eggs.  Our donor egg program has helped many women, who otherwise had no chance of experiencing pregnancy and having their own child.  Donor egg is often the best treatment choice for women who delayed child bearing until later in life only to learn that their eggs would no longer fertilize and develop. Nowadays, many women are marrying later, or remaining single, and desperately want to have their own child.

We especially welcome our Canadian neighbors as donor egg patients and are used to working with Canadian health professionals.  Most cycle monitoring can be done in the patient’s home city and travel to our center is limited. Patients from all over the world travel to Seattle to participate in our donor egg program. 

Women who should consider donor egg IVF include:

  • Those who have failed IVF using their own eggs.
  • Older women who may be pre menopausal with an elevation in basal FSH (Day 3), and/or who have decreased ovarian reserve.
  • Women who have lost their ovaries but still retain a functioning uterus.
  • Women who have undergone chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

The Donor Egg Process

The IVF egg donor (after extensive screening) undergoes controlled ovarian stimulation with fertility medications (FSH) causing the development of multiple eggs, which are retrieved. Because the egg donor is young, this usually results in the development of many healthy eggs.

The donor's eggs are fertilized with the recipient partner's sperm in a culture dish and the resultant embryos are placed in an incubator. Donor sperm can also be utilized for single women. The embryos are "cultured" in the incubator until they mature, usually 3-5 days and are then transferred into the host’s uterus.

By the use of hormonal manipulation, the donor's and recipient cycles are synchronized so that the recipient's uterus will be ready to receive the embryos once they are ready for transfer. Usually, the recipient's preparation includes down regulation of the ovaries (if present) with Lupron or Ganirelix and the administration of estrogen and Progesterone to cause the development of a suitable lining for the implantation of the embryos.

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